Artist: m5 vibe

Executive Producer: m5 vibe

Music by: RJ Pasin

Producer: Maxwell Davis

Director: Ben Ordonez

Director of Photography: Ben Ordonez

Post Production & Visual Effects:

Brodon Creative Media

1st Assistant Director: Jocelin Isabella Production Assistant: Kellis Alexander Production Assistant: Susan Ordonez



Artist: m5 vibe

Directed: Maxwell Davis Music

Producer: Beats by Harlz Vox Mixed/Mastered: Nu-Intel

Film Crew: Maxwell Davis, Jocelin Isabella

edited: Joe Hughes

Samples from: Shiloh Dynasty

Head of State


Artist: m5 vibe

vibe Director: Ife Adeniji

Production Company: Artistic Outlet Media Music by: DwayneX 

Mix/Master: RJ Pasin

Production Assistant: Jonathan L. Ball, Jeremy “OC” Lawler

Behind the Scene: Garod Drumm

Post Production & Visual Effects: Video Dope Dealer (VDD) Choreographer(C) and Dancer(D): Kayla-Nohelani Damo(C,D) Gwen Mindoro(D) Model/Actress: Sara Moore