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Photography website is live:
Services and more offered in the SERVICES tab

m5 vibe is offering an array of artistic services. Check out what services he has to offer for songwriting, commission/jingles, performance, and photography under the Service tab.


Finally!!! M5 vibe merchandise and art are now available online! Check out the link below or head to the "SERVICE" tab above for links and more info.

New Single "Physician's Position" released Nov 2023

"Physician's Position" collaboration with Pamela Wible M.D., Modezart, & NU-Intel release on all streaming platforms.

New Album "Messier 5" released March 2023

m5 vibe is taking his music to the next dimension with the release of "Messier 5". Producing, Co-producing, and co-arranging on this project, m5 created a very universal project with something for everyone to enjoy. This project includes production from Modezart, Beatbauerjonas, Savage-H, Michael Leslie, RJ Pasin, Lil Zend, Murphy Cubic, and m5 vibe. Collaborators include vocals and instrumentation from Digital Cash, MUNYAA, Marco Pena, Ratie D, JR Morgan, Jocelyn Bertrand, Chris Gulley, Parkpoom Aempoo, Gilbert Zvamaida, John Mambira, Ben Moze, and NU-Intel. Released on March 23rd.

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